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In 2014, Fratelli Bettarini s.r.l. was born out of the desire of Diletta (from London, UK), Gherardo (from Barcelona, Spain) and Lapo (from Brussels, Belgium), the “Bettarini brothers (and sister)” to carry on the project of their father, Alessandro, co-founder of Ennebi and master watchmaker.

With an additional freedom: not to limit their inventiveness to the watch sector, but to be able to launch themselves in all possible directions.

Of course, watches are in the family blood, and the original watches of R&I – Relojes e Instruments, Fratelli Bettarini’s watch sector, are handcrafted and already sold all over the world.

The company R&I – Relojes e Instrumentos is born from a very simple idea: to create and supply to a public of experts, professionals, collectors or simply enthusiasts, mechanical precision watches of the highest quality created, with an innovative design and extreme solutions, designed and handmade, offering the possibility of customising them to meet the needs of our customers. These features make our products unique, tailor-made.

This activity continues a long tradition of a group of professionals who share the same passion for precision mechanical watches and have collaborated and built watches and mechanical instruments for over 30 years.

All of our mechanical instruments and watches are designed and produced in small batches according to strict technical specifications. Each individual tool is followed individually at each stage of the production process. All our products have a certificate of origin of the materials used and their components, of the ongoing control documentation and of the final verification certificate.

Watches R&I

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Relojes & Instrumentos is also an authorized world-wide distributor of Ennebi watches

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All this documentation is delivered to the customer, if desired. Each instrument has its own identification number, a registration number and an anti-counterfeiting security code. The delivered documentation has the same numbers.