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Orders, shippings and refunds

Orders, payments and delivery times

The final price of a customised Relojes & Instrumentos watch and/or instrument is defined by the two parties, the seller, Relojes & Instrumentos, and the buyer, the customer.

The final price consists in the price of the basic version of the chosen watch and/or instrument plus the price of each customisation requested by the buyer. Relojes & Instrumentos is free to offer possible discounts.

All prices are exclusively in euros (€) and the currency rate of change is set at the moment (day, spanish time zone) of the order.

For EU buyers: the final price include VAT (Value Added Tax).

For not-EU buyers: as soon as you buy a product from a EU country, then effectively you become an importer. If the terms of sale do not specify another arrangement, the goods would normally be held by the Customs Authority at entry, pending the payment of duty and tax depending on your country’s shipping practices. Customs officers may examine packages arriving from outside your country in order to:

  • check for prohibited or restricted goods, such as illicit drugs;
  • confirm that the description and value stated on the Customs Declaration is correct and check the Customs Declaration to determine if customs Duty, excise Duty and/or Import VAT are chargeable.

Any such additional costs are not included in quoted prices. In no event shall Relojes & Instrumentos be liable of such fees.

We offer two methods of payments:

  • by wire transfer;
  • by PayPal.

To set an order the buyer has to do a 30% down payment of the final price of the ordered watch and/or instrument.

The date of the order is the date of the receipt of the down payment on Relojes & Instrumentos‘ bank account.

Warranty, liability and refunds

The 30% down payment is not refundable.

In order to obtain a refund, the following condition must be met:

  • the refund is claimed by the buyer with written notice within 30 days of deliver (the official shipment date is considered). If the buyer refuses the delivery, the official date for refund is the date of refusal as confirmed by the courier.
  • the refund is accepted by Relojes & Instrumentos ONLY after examination of the watch and/or the instrument which must be in mint condition. In no event shall Relojes & Instrumentos be liable for damages caused by the buyer and/or third parties, e.g. delivery company, customs inspections, … . In no event shall Relojes & Instrumentos be liable for damages exceeding the final price to be paid to Relojes & Instrumentos.
  • the refund consists in the 70% of the price of Relojes & Instrumentos’ ordered watch and/or instrument in its basic version. The buyer cannot claim the refund of customisations.

Relojes & Instrumentos warrants that its watches and/or instruments sold to the buyer will conform to the description stated at the moment of the order, subject to tolerances and variations consistent with current trade practices, practical testing and inspection methods.

Other than legal warranties, Relojes & Instrumentos makes no other warranties, express or implied.

Relojes & Instrumentos liability on any claim, whether in tort or in contract, and whether on account of Relojes & Instrumentos‘ delivery of non-conforming goods or non-delivery, shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective or non-conforming goods or refund as mentioned as Relojes & Instrumentos may in its sole discretion elect. In no-event shall Relojes & Instrumentos have any liability for consequential or incidental damages including, but not limited to, lost profits, damages, loss of time, inconvenience or other commercial or economic loss, and in no event shall Relojes & Instrumentos be liable for damages exceeding the final price to be paid to Relojes & Instrumentos.


We offer shipping to most countries around the world.

Relojes & Instrumentos shall not be liable by reason of any delay in performance of shipment arising from casualty, riots, acts of God, governmental regulation, material, supply or transportation availability, labor difficulties, embargoes or any other cause beyond its control.

The buyer will receive a confirmation email upon completing and submitting your order. Relojes & Instrumentos does its best to build and ship buyer’s watch and/or instrument as quickly as possible, but creating bespoke and customisations takes time. Note that production times may be extended during busy times like the holidays or when we are subject to heavy order volume.

At the moment of the order, Relojes & Instrumentos declares to the buyer an approximative delivery time. This time is expressed in working days (that is week-ends and holidays must not be considered in the count). An exemple : 15 working days are 3 weeks, as 1 week is 5 working days. If one week has an official holidays of one day, the delivery date is delayed of one more day.

The delivery time can have delays as Relojes & Instrumentos‘ watches and/or instrument are the result of an artisan work can be delayed due to several reasons (material issues, working issues, unexpected problems, …). The buyer will be notified of possible delays. Transit times for international orders typically take up to a week, but vary heavily by country.